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DELTAMEK hit testing stand


hit testing stand

Pneumatic stands are designed to test products for strength and performance when exposed to multiple shock pulses of acceleration. The shock impulse is created by the free fall of the shock table with the product fixed on it on the anvil, followed by the lifting of the table due to the pneumatic drive.


  • Stands provide the required frequency of shock pulses due to the high speed of the pneumatic drive.
  • Stability of shock impulse parameters: duration, amplitude and shape is ensured by automatic control of the height of the table, control and regulation of the force in each pneumatic cylinder and the stability of the properties of pulse shapers.
  • The stands provide testing the test cycle in automatic mode: automatic rise to a given height, automatic reset, recording parameters of the shock pulse with the required discreteness and control of the pulse tolerance field by the acceleration amplitude.
  • Automatic blocking of the stands when replacing the shapers, prevents emergency situations. The stands are equipped with serial pneumatic cylinders with a large working resource and shutoff and distribution valves manufactured by SMC.
  • The design of the stands provides for the replacement of pneumatic cylinders without disassembling the stands themselves. Stands can be designed for specific tasks of the Customer.


Impact table size, mm 300x400
Table speed before hitting, m/s 3
Carrying capacity, kg 50
Shock pulse amplitude, g 3 ... 500
Impulse Duration, ms 3 ... 25
Beat frequency, Hz 0…3 (0…180)
Pressure in the pneumatic network, MPa 0,8
Air consumption, cubic m/min 1
Size, m 0,55x0,4x0,877
Stand weight, kg 450


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