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DELTAMEK centrifuge



The stands are designed to test objects (products) in the field of action of centripetal accelerations and reproduce linear accelerations.


  • The stands have a modern direct gearless electromechanical drive (motor spindle).
  • The drive provides the development of an arbitrary law of change in acceleration over time.
  • Designs of centrifuges (the stand consists of a centrifuge, VKU, power rack (s) and control rack) provide automatic dynamic balancing of the rotor and blocking of the drive when exceeding the maximum static and dynamic imbalance.
  • Centrifuge rotors are adapted to customer equipment.
  • During testing, the products are connected to external equipment by measuring electric channels, and also power electric power and various working media (hydraulic fluid, compressed air, etc.) can be supplied to the products.
  • Stands can be designed for specific tasks of the customer.


Base radius, m 1,0
Acceleration range, g 1 ... 160
Number of Positions 2
Assembly weight, kg 100
Size, mm 500x300x300
Communication channels with ed. 30
Max. channel current, A 5
Max. voltage, V 100
Transition resistance., Onh 0,05
VV channel 10/10


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