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01Optomet Contactless optical devices
02Optomet Contactless optical devices

Laser vibrometry devicesFor non-contact vibration measurement

OptoMet Vibrometers allow wire users the most accurate and effective non-contact vibration measurements without surface treatment. Systems are characterized by a stable digital workflow and can be easily integrated into existing analog data collection environments.

Laser Doppler vibrometer

Make Invisible - Visible!
Optomet's modular systems are the ideal solution for virtually any vibration measurement, whether it is a single point measurement or an entire field study.

01Zett mess Coordinate Measuring Technology
02Zett mess Coordinate Measuring Technology

Coordinate Measuring Technology

High precision coordinate measuring modular system, with fast positioning, proprietary software. Easily customizable equipment with intuitive application.

Coordinate Measuring  Technology

Rigid ball probe or probe from the Renishaw catalog;
Trigger sensor Renishaw TP20;
Laser trigger;
Laser scanner;
Measuring tube for pipes;

01COMETECH series QC-50AM1F
02COMETECH series QC-50AM1F


Serial model with large capacity exceeding 500kH. Design for tensile test, compression test, bend test and all kinds of tests. UTM with high torque servo motor with increased rigidity, reinforced frame.


Maximum load 600 kN
Test stroke (no grip) 1500 mm
Space between columns 550 mm
Speed Range 0.2 ~ 330 mm/min
Overall dimensions 145 x 85 x 295 cm
Weight 2350 kg

01lansmont model 65/81
02lansmont model 65/81


The Lansmont Model 65/81, featuring a cast aluminum table with dimensions of 650 x 810 mm, the ability to apply loads of up to 227 kg and realize peak acceleration along a half-sine profile of 600 g, provides the test engineer with a wide range of capabilities.

lansmont  model 65/81

Excellent quality shock impulses. The 65/81 features meet most industry, military, and industry impact test standards.
Realization of a wide range of diverse impact pulses.
automatic pulse repetition mode (up to 30,000 times).

About us

About us


A dynamically developing company with headquarters in Yekaterinburg, presenting the best solutions from the leading domestic and world manufacturers of testing, measuring and special equipment on the Russian market.

We carry out a full range of works on testing in accredited organizations with the necessary equipment. Our services include taking a test product, preparing technical documentation, recording data, providing a report.

Our corporate standards of service quality provide for the provision of responses to applications within 24 hours. In some cases, when it is necessary to provide proposals for non-standard solutions, the response time may be slightly longer. In any case, we are always in touch with you!

Test Equipment Categories

Test Equipment Categories

Create hardware configuration

The configurator for the selection of test equipment allows you to create the necessary modification based on the required query parameters.

This service allows the client to quickly and accurately obtain the necessary information about the equipment of interest to him, the possibility of changes in existing modifications, availability, timing of manufacturing equipment to order and delivery.

New product

New product


Vibration test bench is widely used in related vibration tests for products in the defense and civil fields such as aerospace, aviation, ships, weapons, automobiles, rail transit, and electronics

series Fiber

series FIBER is a subsequent development of the NOVA series, in which a compact optical head was connected to the measuring instrument using a fiber optic cable.

series Nova

The Nova Series Laser Vibrometer is equipped with a short-wavelength IR laser that is invisible to the naked eye (1550 nm). At a wavelength of 1550 nm, the power of this device is ten times the laser power of the HeNe system and allows measurements to be made without compromising eye safety.

series Scan

The Scan series combines the excellent signal quality of a SWIR laser and informative imaging methods, scanning an object using a flexibly defined dot grid. The ability to work with different measuring surfaces, wider coverage and measuring ranges are the key to new applications.

series Vector

For the Vector series, a classic helium-neon source with a wavelength of 633 nm is used, which allows you to measure vibration in the range from 0 to 10 MHz. Thanks to the use of various optical systems and decoders to change speed, displacement or acceleration, the units of measurement of the Vector part can be customized for a specific measurement task.

series AMPG

Portable coordinate measuring machines manufactured by ZETT MESS AMPG Winkel, Gabel and Knick, designed specifically for measuring tasks that require a high degree of flexibility that can not always be achieved by portal CMMs.



Testing&Control 2019

Results of Testing & Control 2019 and the All-Russian Scientific Conference “Measurements. Tests Control"

Presentation of tickets to new members of the Chamber in Ural CCI

The Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry passed tickets to new members of the Chamber. The Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry solemnly handed membership cards to organizations that joined the CCI. New members representing a wide variety of

Opening of the office of Test Partner LLC in Moscow

We are glad to inform you that on August 1, 2017, the office of Test Partner LLC with a service center began to function in Moscow.
office in Moscow
Test equipment

Test equipment

TestPartner 4

Test Partner 4 (TP4) is Lansmont’s latest generation data acquisition system designed to capture and analyze dynamic events


The VS-311 universal spectrum recorder-analyzer is designed to measure, record and analyze vibration data and other physical quantities determined using sensors connected to the device.


QC-546M2F has a large test space, the maximum test force is 20 kN. The equipment is equipped with a single-section control unit, a separate electrical system, which avoids interference with the components of the transmission, as well as increase the stability of the tests, and facilitate easy maintenance and updating of electronic systems.


CoCo-80X is a new generation of handheld data loggers and dynamic signal analyzer from Crystal Instruments. It is ideally suited for a wide range of industries, including petrochemical, paper, steel and other metals, automotive, aviation, aerospace, electrical and military. These industries require fast, simple and accurate data recording and analysis, as well as real-time machine condition monitoring solutions.

TouchTest Shock 2

The Model 152 Shock Test System payload capacity and large table size make it a versatile platform for testing larger products or for testing multiple items simultaneously

hit testing stand

Pneumatic stands are designed to test products for strength and performance when exposed to multiple shock pulses of acceleration.

Model 15D

The Model 15D Shock Test System is a popular choice for testing small, lightweight components and devices


Stand-alone recorder VS-317 is designed for operation on land, air, sea transport as a stand-alone system for recording external vibration effects, as well as temperature, pressure and humidity.

Model 23

The Model 23 Shock Test System is an extremely versatile testing machine. When equipped with a high strength aluminum shock table, it can perform a wide variety of programmable shock tests

Model 1800

The Model 1800 Model Vibration Test System is our most popular Model. It is suitable for many product and package testing applications.


The Spider-80X vibration controllers have voltage and IEPE inputs, which are ideal for measuring shock, vibration, and acoustic characteristics or for general purpose voltage measurements. Each Spider-80X vibration controller is equipped with 8 input channels that accurately measure and record both dynamic and static signals.

Model 65000

The Model 65000 Vibration Test System is a highly custom vibration system which can be tailored specifically to any extreme payload vibration testing application


The Spider-81B vibration controller is designed to meet the requirements of basic vibration testing applications. It has 4 inputs, 1 output and 4 pairs of digital inputs / outputs.

Model 65/81D

The Model 65/81D Shock Test System includes a special Low Impulse Kit for more precise performance when generating low energy shock pulses

series L

The L Series is a cost-effective solution for testing products and testing the strength of small components such as electronic components, automotive components, connectors, and portable music devices.

Model 95/115

The Model 95/115 Shock Test System offers a large payload capacity and table surface area. The optional heavyweight version increases the maximum payload from 1000 lbs

series G-0

G-0 series vibration systems consists of a variety of high-quality and reliable vibration generators and energy-efficient power amplifiers based on PWM principles


The QC-95x series machines are used for tensile testing.

series M

The M1 series is designed for vibration testing of small payloads such as electronic assemblies, household appliances, automotive components, and other types of components. The design of the BT series provides high torque and lateral limitation. This concept combines the standard assembly of a sliding table with 3000 psi hydrostatic bearings. inches to provide high dynamic torque limits while maintaining the damping characteristics of the oil film.

Model 28000

The Model 28000 Vibration Test System is designed to perform distribution type tests with extreme payloads or high performance tests to evaluate products.


CoCo-90 is obtained from the CoCo-80 platform. It is a powerful and easy-to-use vibrating portable data logger and dynamic signal analyzer, which is ideal for fast and accurate data recording and real-time processing in the field. It is a lightweight, battery-powered portable system with unrivaled performance and precision. The CoCo-90 user interface is specifically designed for simple and simple operation, while it supports the ability to provide a wide range of analysis functions.


The stands are designed to test objects (products) in the field of action of centripetal accelerations and reproduce linear accelerations.

Model 122

The Model 122 Shock Test System payload capacity and large table size make it a versatile platform for testing larger products or for testing multiple items simultaneously


The VS-407 system is a scalable multi-channel complex with interchangeable measuring modules for connecting sensors of various types.

series H

A water-cooled series designed to test some of the world's most sophisticated products, including satellites.

Model 152

The Model 152 Shock Test System payload capacity and large table size make it a versatile platform for testing larger products or for testing multiple items simultaneously


The VS-335 electrostatic exciter (actuator) is designed to remove the frequency response by the electrostatic method when calibrating and calibrating ½ ”microphones of the MK-265 type and other similar condenser microphones in the frequency range 20 Hz - 20 kHz.


Compact but powerful dynamic signal analyzer and digital data logger. It provides four 24-bit accurate high-precision input channels and a unique software-selectable tachometer / input signal output channel (any using conventional BNC connectors). Each input is individually programmable to receive AC or DC voltage or output from an IEPE (ICP) sensor with integrated electronics.

series LS

The Long Stroke (LS) series is designed for long-distance displacement tests, usually performed by a hydraulic vibrator. Compared to the hydraulic VS shaker, where the maximum test frequency is usually around 400 Hz, the series LS can test up to 2700 Hz with a maximum load of 100 g, limited to a maximum speed of 1.8 m / s. This provides users with time, cost savings and wider test requirements. Suitable for applications such as packaging, transportation and inspection of vehicles.


Test bench QC-548M2F Max. force 5 kN. Provides a calm testing environment and high accuracy results. Standalone mode for tensile, compression, bending and all kinds of tests.


The QC-PM250E is designed for both static and dynamic testing. Suitable for testing materials and components. Tests are aimed at identifying the durability, fatigue, and quality of the test materials and components.


Small-volume camera (KMO) VS-323 is designed for verification of capsule microphones by comparison. The chamber has a complex internal structure and allows you to create uniform test conditions, which is very important to achieve the required accuracy and repeatability of measurements.


Vibrating stands manufactured by KING DESIGN are used by many companies to test products for the effects of transport and vibration loads during transportation and operation.


The QC-PM250H is designed for both static and dynamic testing. Suitable for testing materials and components. Tests are aimed at identifying the durability, fatigue, and quality of the test materials and components.

Model 23D

The Model 23D Shock Test System replaces the high strength aluminum table used on the Model 23 with a multi-sided magnesium shock carriage